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Re: Is there a way to connect with facebook connect using custom theme atahualpa?



yes…that is the plugin I first tried and got the furthest with…these are my issues…when I log in via facebook connect it does not refresh the page so it just sits there and if I press the facebook connect login button again it then refreshes and I’m logged in…

then, I can not navigate anywhere via the admin bar…it just refreshes the page and takes me back to my homepage. I can not edit my profile or add a pic, etc via the the admin bar. I can only edit my profile (wordpress profile) using the edit profile link on the facebook login widget. However, I can join groups, leave comments and add friends…IF I can figure out a way to even get to the groups/members area.

It does not have any avatar/pic it does not use your facebook pic either. :(

anyway…thanks again. :)

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