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Re: Is WPMU preferred over WP for BP?



Thanks a lot, folks, I appreciate the feedback. Just to clarify:

I do want users to be able to create blog posts that funnel into a master blog (community blog). Whether they have a place that is their own blogspace is irrelevant as long as they never leave the site. In other words, a social networking site where a community blog is one of the features.

I think what I want is probably Community Blogs for BuddyPress ( The difference, then, would be this plugin means all posts go to a single blog and WPMU means all posts each have their own blog which are all served from within my site?

I’ve looked at some BP sites that have a list of blogs such as this one:

That’s WPMU, right?

Also, glad to hear they’ll be rolled in together with 3.0!

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