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Re: Isn't it ALL a BuddyPress issue?

Jeff Sayre


The debate of where a particular question should get answered when it comes to WP vs BP is interesting. I used to resort to the “don’t ask here, ask there instead” response. However, with BP becoming very popular, the line is blurred between what is the proper place to ask a question. We have to assume that some BP users might not be familiar with WP, in fact BP might be their first experience with the WP ecosystem. So it is important to be as helpful and friendly as possible.

If a question is foundational in nature, meaning that it has more to do with the workings of WP and not BP, I’ll often give some help but then suggest that they might get a better, faster response in the WP forums. The bigger issue for me is when someone posts a question that has been answered numerous times but they have not taken the time to do a proper search.

I also agree that BP is more than just a plugin. I usually refer to BuddyPress as a plugin suite but that never sat quite right with me. BuddyPress is a feature-rich platform as far as I’m concerned. It transcends the idea of a simple WordPress plugin. I have said this before but it’s worth mentioning again. I view many of the BP “plugins” as modules. In other words, they tie into BP extending its functionality.


You seem to keep changing your avatar. I just realized this as I have come to expect the “larval newt” face but then saw the barreleye this morning.

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