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Re: ISSUE: Group Forum Post – REPLY FROM ELSEWHERE (Activity Stream) – REPLY Doesn’t Go Back to Forum

I tried both plugins. I couldn’t get either one to work. What I’m looking for is, when a forum post shows up in the activity stream and someone comments on it in the activity stream (using the reply button)… I want that reply to show up in the original forum thread. The fact that this doesn’t happen by default is, to me, a huge usability issue with BuddyPress. But that’s another issue. Is either of the plugins in this thread meant to accomplish that? Neither one did. I’m using BP with WP 3.0 RC2 in single mode (not network mode) with a child theme. The parent theme is bp-default. I copied the included theme files (the “activitycomments” directory) into my child theme folder. Unfortunately, the documentation wasn’t much help. What was your process @thekmen?

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