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Re: ISSUE: Group Forum Post – REPLY FROM ELSEWHERE (Activity Stream) – REPLY Doesn’t Go Back to Forum



rich! @ etiviti and @r-a-y,

Thank you both so much for responding to this question as it it an important one for me to resolve.
For us… I’m not as code savvy as I would like to be. If I edit the entry.php theme file, is there a place in there that will then duplicate the activity stream entry (or Group Stream Entry) back into the forum? At this point I don’t wnat to turn off the stream commenting -if possible… I like how it glues it all together.

Here is the thought flow that I would like to have happen:
1. Somebody enters a Forum Topic (not Group Activity Comment) –>
2. Someone else replies to the Topic via the Activity Stream or Group Stream (Not in the Forum itself) –>
3. The reply from #2 (the reply was left via the Activity Stream or Group Stream NOT in the FORUM) should appear in the Forum itself under the original Forum Topic Post.
4. This process should not affect somebody replying to post in the Forum itselfy, that should work as it does.

If somebody would show me a mod for that I would be ecstatic…

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