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Re: Issue with links within BuddyPress



Response to your questions are as follows:

1. I am positive I am running wordpressMU, under my admin dashboard it states You are using WordPress MU 2.7.1.

2. This is a fresh install of WordPressMU and Buddypress. I had never heard of either of these until a week ago so I installed WordPressMU 2.7.1 first and then downloaded BuddyPress1.0 and installed via installation instructions listed here

3. I believe WordPressMU was functioning, but I had never used it before so I can’t state that confidently. Just from playing around with it previously and me still being able to use the dashboard without issue, I would say it was functioning.

4. I am using BuddyPress1.0

5. Yes I logged in as site admin on WPMU’s backend, activated buddypress under the plugins section, and am currently utilizing the BuddyPress Default Home Theme 1.0

6. The only plugin I have listed is BuddyPress and I’ve never installed any other plugins

7. I believe I am using the standard buddypress theme that was automatically installed with BuddyPress, I myself did not install any custom themes

8. I do not see any error messages that are catching my eye in my /var/log/messages

Just a little additional info. I’m running WordPress/BuddyPress on my own webserver. I am running a linux box using CentOS 5.3 and apache to host my current website utilizing drupal and all works fine. I wanted to utilize the BuddyPress social networking feel for my site so I’d like to move to BuddyPress. I started from scratch with installing WordPressMU and BuddyPress. I made the correct databases and users using MySQL. If you have any other questions please let me know. Thanks

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