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Re: Issues with W3 Total Cache and Buddypress on Multisite



Page Caching Basic, Database Caching Basic, Browser Caching.

I just figured out that Object Caching was messing up my Private Messages component. When logged in and bouncing from profile to profile and trying to PM a member sometimes the ?r=membername&wp_nonce=XXXX becomes frozen on a previous membername. Turning off the object cache fixed this so I don’t know what if anything could be doing inside the object cache advanced settings can be done?

I’ve gone ahead and removed Page Caching. Which only leaves me with Db Cache, Browser Cache and Minify(even though I haven’t set any .js or css at all) – I guess removing the page cache should resolve the activity update delay. I’ll turn off Db cache then I’ll only be using Browser Cache and Minify(somewhat)…hm…doesn’t sound like much anymore…hehe.

I also read that the switch_to_blog fix will be coming in the next release.

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