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Re: Joinless groups?

Exactly. We’re a Ground Search & Rescue Group. So in our case… we need to facilitate communication with the entire membership for things like announcements, general SAR-related news and alarm calls. But we also have a lot of committees (training, management, IT, etc.) which will only interest the members of those committees. If I have to rely on every member actually joining the “General Membership” group… it’ll never happen! I’m running a pre-launch test drive site now with just 20 people and it’s hard enough just getting them to join a group! LOL. So I need a way to “force” everyone (or groups of people) into certain groups. For instance, I could create a custom profile field asking what committees they serve on and map those to their respective groups with the auto-join plugin. And to force all members into a general group… maybe I could use some kind of wildcard. Maybe it will work with 1.2 once 1.2 goes final and includes it’s backwards-compatibility layer.

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