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Re: Large (character count) forum posts fail to show

Burt Adsit


\”Copy 80,000 or so characters into the topic\” :) I don\’t know why I find those directions amusing but I do. Anyway. What is the LSMaxSearchCount post you are talking about. That doesn\’t even seem to be in the forums here. Did a search. That doesn\’t even seem to be a likely bp, mu or bbpress var. They don\’t use camel case. Can you point me to that post please?

I do see this happening on your site. I have to make sure I’m looking at the right xmlrpc code on the bbpress side. There are two ‘get the topic’ functions. I have to check and make sure I track things from beginning to end. Don’t want to be looking at code that isn’t being used on the bbpress xmlrpc side.

Gimme a few.

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