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Re: Latest Members pages getting 404



Yes, thanks for the follow-up.

Some notes as to what we were dealing with:

The site is hosted at Rackspace (for now).

We had a tech (Dan Jeffries) from Bulldog Data (handles some server/database setups for Microsoft/Amazon/Overstock/Zoovy) log in and check out our box at Rackspace as to see why we were throwing up errors.

1) Removed firewall rules that were hurting Apache performance by forcing connections to drop after a certain limit

2) Turned off a series of mysql performance killers in /etc/my.cnf, the Mysql configuration file.

– Turned off query time outs that were way too short

– Turned off logging which amounts to a double write every time a write to the db is done.

– Tuned several memory and connection limits

3) Updated the amount memory that php scripts are allowed to use, which was causing new profiles/blogs not to show throwing out of memory errors

The end result:

-The server uses significantly less memory (~2.5GB less)

-New blogs/profiles are now showing up.

-The site is quicker and more responsive.

We owe a lot of thanks to Dan for helping with this issue and fixing the numerous problems/scripts/settings that Rackspace had messed up on our box (is 15 php.ini files really neccessary?). He definately made my day.

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