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Re: Latest WPMU Rev & latest BP Rev not working

Jeff Sayre


Okay, putting aside the subdomain versus subdirectory issue for a second, you state that:

…the bp link in the menu works but where is says “disbale components using below form” nothing shows

It sounds like BuddyPress is not activated. With the 1.0_RC2 changes, BuddyPress is now considered a single WPMU plugin. You must first login to the WPMU backend as site admin and then go to Plugins > Installed and make sure that BuddyPress is activated.

Once it’s activated, a new menu group is created at the bottom of the menu tree called “BuddyPress”. You click on BuddyPress > Component Setup and you should see that all the BP components are enabled by default. It is in this admin screen where you can enable and disable individual components.

If you’ve already activated BuddyPress, then something is clearly wrong. Have you double checked to make sure that you copied all the BP component files and folders (minus the theme folders) into the /wp-content/plugins/ folder? Did you install the BP suite into the /wp-content/mu-plugins/ folder instead?

If the BP install locations and files are in their proper place, then I would recommend deactivating BuddyPress then deleting the entire BP directory and try reinstalling the BP plugin suite again and see what happens.

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