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Re: Lightword theme help

I f you re-read my last post it should make sense – i referred to checking for example elements such as <div id=”content”> exist in both files as these main elements must match. You can clearly see in the two examples you posted that straight after the header function call there are two elements in the index file but only one in the page.php file and it’s id is different – lightword will be managing the layout i.e applying it’s styles vie elements such as this ‘div id=”content-body’ if that id is not found as it’s not in /activity/index.php then any important CSS rulesets will not be applied.

I will strip the files down to the common elements for you removing those parts of the code which are unique and necessary for both files e.g the output loops essentially.



What you have now represents the common elements of both files and which need to match -obviously what has been removed is for clarities sake and is required if both files are to output their data.

There may be other elements introduced in other files that you will have to deal with and adjustments needed to styles and stylesheets but that will become apparent as you work through things.

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