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Re: Lightword theme help

I’m afraid that is asking slightly too much as that approaches ‘Work’ and as such I earn my living – supposedly – from coding and development- it also takes the BP project site / support forum into the realms of a ‘Service’ which for any any ‘Help’ forum is a dangerous confusion.

When you attempt this kind of customisation you have to accept that a certain level of knowledge is required , it is only a basic level but you do need to learn it.

So no I am not prepared to do that work for you – and provide a ready edited theme for you to use as that would be chargeable work however on a help forum I am prepared to guide you through what you need to do and help you along, so get your site up and live somewhere and make a start, provide a link to it so that I or others can look at where you have got to and advise on the further steps required.

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