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Re: Limit users to only having one blog?

Burt Adsit


Hmm. Where did that come from? Must be brand spanking new.

I took a look at this issue and found that the wpmu functions such as get_blogs_of_user() return all blogs that a user has any capability in. That means that if I’m an author on some blog it reports back that blog also. The post i quoted above and the solution was for blogs *created* by a user. I couldn’t find any way other than looking in bp, which tracks blog creation and not just membership.

wp doesn’t track blog creation, only blog capabilities. It couldn’t care less who created the blog. When sombody creates a blog they become an Administrator. The role Administrator doesn’t mean anything really. I can make somebody a blog admin and they never created the blog. bp tracks blog creation either through bp or wpmu.

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