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Re: Limiting excerpts in the site-wide activity widget



Watch your escape quotes. Each time you write a double quote, it ends the previous quoted segment. If you start a quoted string with double quotes, use single quotes to indicate quotation marks inside. It works as vice versa as well.

If you already knew that and simply wrote it all with double quotes for your demonstration, I would advise that you double check your path to your image.

A word of advice about paths: it is usually a good idea not to hard-code the whole path. It will work on your site if you get it right, but if you ever move things it will break. Instead, use defined constants to represent these path components. WP_PLUGIN_URL points to your plugins directory, and get_option(‘siteurl’) will assume the value of your root domain, with http://. Here is a link that has some more of these useful constants.

Hope this helps.

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