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Re: Link Directly to Blogs' Author Posts



@r-a-y i have a tough time understanding it myself! just crazy tinkering I guess, there is probably a simple solution….

I think you’re right about super admin.

I’m talking more about other members, who have posted on other network blogs. If you look at my profile sidebar, you’ll see “my videos” and “my posts” links. Each should take you to the author template page for those members on the corresponding blogs.

My Videos ==>
My Posts ==>

get_blogs_of_user method works to display only the sites members have posted on sitewide – it will however show primary site of a member regardless of posts.

get_blog_details method forces all member profiles to display the links regardless of having posts or not. It will just link to the author page with “no posts for this author’ message as part of the author.php template.

the issue i’m having with get_blogs_of user, I have users who make one time posts by way of a frontend form. They own that post but they don’t have a role on the blog. I think that is the reason why on some users, the links don’t display even if they do have posts.

both methods are useful depending on how you want to use them.

i’d like to be able to use the get_blog_details method because it lets me define what links to display. and the issue i have with that is that the links are always present, I’d like for them to only show up if the user has posts.

make less sense now! hehe, anyway it is a very specific feature, some people may like to do something like this.

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