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Re: Look at the spam accounts what a joke



Any of you who continue this thread any further are simply staring the ‘gift horse in the mouth’ so to speak.

~ spam in a problem for every company, be it IBM, Google or WordPress. These companies spend millions combatting it and it’s a problem for almost any CMS, or site that has UGC. If you can’t install Askimet, and/or a couple other preventative measures on your site, then you should hire someone who knows what their doing or you have a compromised(hacked) site where once again, you should hire someone who knows what they’re doing.

while not naming names ~ I have watched ‘your’ post on this forum and you’ve offered very little contribution and quite a bit of negativity. That doesn’t bode well for an open source community who provides you a product free of charge. Perhaps providing some meaningful feedback about your experiences will help the community develop better solutions instead of glaring accusations and harsh criticism? In fact your post in this community are very much like spam for the very same reason. At this point, you’ve pretty much hit an all time low since your accusing developers, many of whom work for free, of turning a blind eye towards the issue of spam. If you’re unhappy with website, may i suggest move on to another piece of software that is magically immune to spam robots, where you’ll most positively be a great asset, not only to them, but also with your absence here on the Buddypress Forums.

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