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Re: Look at the spam accounts what a joke

what i read here is just childish… what kind of site do you run? from what i see on your site and twitter profile, you are a SEO marketer?…

you start a site for bloggers, what do you think you will do with it… grab spammers. this is the only goal on a site with open registration and off-topics.

i had hundreds of incompetent clients in the past, who thought they were gods and they knew everything and were able to fix everything they were touching… they were also whinners and drama queens. complaining about spam?… sure you can put the fault on the guys here, but that just show that you know nothing about spam, not a single bit.

a good captcha is not useful if the spammer is a human paid by a company to post adverts… a good filtering engine is not good either when the spammers use trolling techniques to post psychadelic messages…

it is the job of the site admin to filter by hand, to approve the content, to find great topics for a site, or simply to not use the boring “off-topic” market that is so profitable… like you just did to raise your seo rank.

you’Re simply not good at seo… leave.

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