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Re: Looking for a great 3 column theme compatible with older versions of IE

No it’s not hard to believe, many organizations still use IE6 and can’t change as they have proprietary in house apps written for it. I’m afraid the truth is that too many younger coders and not so younger are are happy to assume that IE6/7 is dead and they don’t need to code with correct and proper cross browser checks or probably know how to do that. The approach now with IE8 is out should be to ensure that there is at the least a presentable layout that functions at a basic level albeit without the bells and whistles, sadly this appears to be not the case and work will have to be done in addition . There are few themes around for BP personally I don’t have experience of many to any great degree, and there are a few from a certain premium outfit that I was non too impressed by. You might find better themes at but if you take any specifically ask whether they are checked to work in IE6

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