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Re: Looking for cropper issue debugging help

Burt Adsit


Hey Andy. Don’t know a thing about js, sorry. Firebug tells me that there is an ‘undefined error’ in the signup environment js. Somewhere. Weird that Firebug doesn’t know.

The same error occurs in the change avatar env, ‘undefined’. There is an additional err in the change av area. common.js is trying to instantiate a google Gears.Factory obj and can’t line 377.

It’s in a try/catch block so I guess FB is just being thorough.

I fooled with both of the crop tools in the signup and change av areas. Ya look at it in FB and lots of numbers are changing and whirling around maniacally. There’s a set of v1/v2 x/y pos nums that seem to be tracking ok. However there are numbers dynamicly changing that refer to the image being cropped as well. Height/Width. Look like they refer to the resultant cropped image.

In the signup area they seem to make sense. In the change av area they look brain dead. Like they have lost relationship with whatever is actually happening on the screen. They only make sense when you reposition the overlay image to top/left. Any thing else they get nutty.

Probably no help at all. You looked lonely here in a thread all by yourself.

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