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Re: Looking for good photo gallery



a Huge +1 for the bp-gallery from @sbrajesh

It does exactly as advertised, and I have never, ever, come across a plugin with the type of support that I receive from Brajesh. Every time the community comes up with a good idea for bp-gallery, it seems that Brajesh comes up with an updated version within hours to days. His pace of workflow is utterly amazing to me.

I can’t comment on the other gallery system as I have not installed it on any of my sites so comparing the two is not possible for me. I do realize the other gallery, now that it’s part of the gsoc project may become the defacto gallery plugin for bp, but I am more than happy to continue using bp-gallery. I have purchased many plugins, code snippets in the past from many people, and I have to say this is one of the best for my needs that I have ever received. Considering that just my one major request I posted for Brajesh would have cost me hundreds to have coded, so $30 for supporting his plugin is more than worth it to me. I would suggest his plugin to anyone that ever asks without hesitation.

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