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Re: Looking for good photo gallery



BP-Gallery features
* User Galleries
o Unlimited Gallery
o Each gallery can have any number of media(Photos/audio/videos)
* Group Galleries
o Unlimited Gallery
o Any Member of group can upload
o Only group Admins can create Gallery
* Multiple types of media Supported
o Photo Gallery
o Audio gallery
o Video gallery
o Can be extended with few code to support any time of media you want
* Privacy
o Fine grained Privacy control for gallery/media
o User gallery/media can have the status private/public/friends only
o Group gallery can have status public/private
* Multiple Uploads
o Upload multiple files without any extra effort, just select and click upload
o There is no limit on upload size, It depends on the size you set in gallery settings and/or The maximum upload size allowed by your web host
* Uploading and Sharing from Activity stream
* Publishing to Activity stream or not is in your hands, you can publish multiple images/videos etc to the activity stream and it will appear as single entry
* Shortcode
o For embedding Gallery to your blog posts
o Embedding Photo/Audio/video to your blog
* Widgets
o Sitewide gallery widgets
o Sitewide media Widget
* Directory where all the public galleries are listed, you can search them, filter them by Audio/video/photo
* Security:- I can vouch for gallery being 99% secure, the rest one percent is always uncertain :)
* Object caching: If you enable persistence object caching, you can reduce upto 90% database queries
* 100% Buddypress aware, disable Buddypress, the Gallery will not cause any issue/error.
* Modular and decoupled
o decoupled from Group(If group is disabled, gallery will still work)
o decoupled from Activity(If you disable activity, gallery will work, but support for commenting and publishing to activity stream will be no more available)
o decoupled from Friends(The privacy features will work even if you disable friends component)
* Extra addons
o WordPress Plugin for TinyMce to insert gallery/media to your post/page(Thanks to Phillip)
o Widget to show sitewide listing of gallery/images(Thanks to Phillip)
o Highslide Slideshow for showing Images (Thanks to Phillip, will be coming soon)
o jQZoom Plugin to show case site wide Public Photos
* Site Admin settings:
o Control which media types are allowed, enable/disable galley types,i.e you can enable/disable Photo Gallery/Video Gallery/Audio Gallery
o Set maximum upload space per user
o set maximum upload file size
o Enable Disable gallery Link
o Enable/disable upload from activity stream
o Show the remaining/used space to users
o got an issue, enable debug mode of gallery to see what’s going inside
o Set Image sizes for Thumbnail/medium/Full size
* What Is Coming In future:
o FFMPEG Support for Video Galleries
o Face Detection/Tagging(OpenCV extension will be required)
o Gallery from Youtube/picass/flickr/vimeo etc
o Various CDN Support
o Decoupling of Video Player to allow you use various players to choose from
* Upcoming Addons:- atleast 4-5 slideshow widgets to showcase the gallery media(Including supersized,mooflow and more)

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