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Re: Looking for simple way to make an 'Announcement' type group



I don’t have this exact issue, but did have a problem when it came to creating a sticky topic in the forums with basic rules and a note about how to report trolls, etc. I was trying to do it through a “Administrative” group where people could see the members and forum posts, but not be able to join and contribute on their own. The idea was that it was a staff group who could be messaged individually if there were site problems, and who could create forum topics or notes without others being able to do the same.

Basically, the only way you can ensure that people see content from a group is to leave it wide open. It would be nice to have an option in between like you suggest — read, but not write. A group where the content is public but joining is invite-only.

I would love to know if there’s a solution, but don’t really expect to see one in the core any time soon.

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