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Re: Make member theme very similar if not the same as buddypress-home

Burt Adsit


I\\\\\\\’m kinda confused by what you want and what you have done.

If you want both the member theme and the theme that you use on your wp blog to be similar then the two themes that are distributed with bp will work. If you install a different wp blog theme then you\\\\\\\’ll either have to modify the wp blog theme or the member theme to match.

The two themes are completely independent of each other.

It sounds like you are allowing your users to create their own blogs and you\’ve allowed the bp home theme to be available to them. You can, but don\’t have to do that. If you install more wp themes and make them available then they can choose any theme they want. If you don\’t want blog admins to have access to the bp home theme then disable it in Site Admin > Themes.

If you change the member theme then, yes, it applies to all users on your site. Users don\\\’t get to select their own member theme. It will be whatever you set it to.

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