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Re: Make member theme very similar if not the same as buddypress-home



Thanks for your reply,

Basically what I’ve done is follow the install procedure exactly, which results in the blue “buddpress-member” theme being the theme for members.

I guess I’m still reeling a bit with the vocabulary. I feel like I am the “blog owner,” and it’s odd to talk about admins of blogs, because I am the admin of the community, and the others could be “member blog admins,” but it feels odd to me to call them “blog admins.”

Anyway, I am allowing people to create their own blogs, because I want them to be able to share articles and videos and I want them to be able to post, etc.

However, the blue default theme for what I’m calling “member blogs” is too far away from the overall site design for me to be able to use it.

I created a test blog by creating a member and a blog. It automatically had the blue default template, which I assume is member-themes/buddypress-member.

I then uploaded member-themes/buddypress-home (which I know is “wrong”), and went to “BuddyPress Settings | Select theme to use for member pages:” and chose “BuddyPress Home Theme.” That did not change the theme of the member blog I had created, so I logged in as the member and changed the theme to buddypress-home.

What then happened, is that when I viewed that “member blog,” it asked me to add widgets, but, before opening up this community to its audience, I would like to have a “member blog theme” set, with all display options pre-selected. I don’t want the members who choose to have blogs to need to mess with blog settings, changing themes, etc.

Also, I want the member blog theme to be cohesive with the site theme, which, if I did the install correctly, and if the blue wordpress default theme is what I’m “supposed” to be seeing, is a different style altogether.

So, I’m trying to set up an automatic theme for member blogs that

1) is cohesive with the main buddypress-home theme

2) doesn’t require member blog admins to do anything regarding configuration (they can just start posting)

Make sense?

Thank you very much for your support!



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