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Re: Make wp-admin-bar relative position and inline within header instead of footer / absolute position?

Mr. Salty


Yeah, my sense is that it isn’t calling anything sql/db intensive: just a handful of static links. But because it is a plugin (originally, yes?) maybe there are some performance issues? And/or:

Here is what I think: admin-bar was originally a plug-n-play plugin that didn’t require all the thousands of themes to be reconfigured just to use it so it was decided to make it something that sits on top via absolute positioning — and for fun: can scroll with the page via position:fixed. And so, for proper placement letting most of the page load first before positioning the div offered the best performance?

I agree with you both: my goal was to make it relative and inline for simplicity’s sake — but the opposite is probably true because of this architecture: would be further from default structure and could have some performance issues.

Thanks for the help!

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