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Re: Making BP semi-private

Well, you can look at this post for a quick hack to only allow members to see anything on member profiles, groups, etc. That post has a hack that applies to the /wp-content/member-themes/buddypress-member/ theme. The buddypress-home theme in /wp-content/themes/buddypress-home/ doesn’t get the hack ;)

You could apply it to buddypress-home theme in certain places if you don’t even want them to be able to search the blogs, groups, members, etc. but that would be a little harder to follow.

Then, on private blogs, I just use more privacy options so that private and no search engine blogs don’t show in any listings around the site. You can hack the code to actually list them in buddypress if you want, but default pattern is to not show them.

So basically, I would set the privacy for all blogs you don’t want showing and leave the main blog open. It is done with that plugin on a blog by blog basis.

Once Andy puts more of this into the core, it will be much easier, but for now we have to “hack” around a bit ;)


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