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Re: Making Buddypress a Social Network for non-bloggers?



Thanks for this post because what you’re describing, I’ve been basically going through the same motions. We have a band fan site that has been on a single wp install with just news with almost 1300 members. We wanted to give more interaction so we’re converting to buddypress. I really didn’t want them to be able to create blogs so I really just wanted the bp functionality but when I saw that the only group interaction was really just the wire and forums, I wanted a little more. With this thread, I’ve already implemented some of these ideas. I didn’t go with the p2 theme idea because I want the themes alike across all blogs but I did find the posthaste plugin that allows you to add a quick press like post box to the group blog page while still using your existing theme. It doesn’t have the ability to insert images but I’m looking for a workaround on that.

Basically I just wanted to second everything that he’s said in that these ideas are basically to give a little more features than the default bp groups while not giving them full blown access to create blogs.

Thanks for all the ideas everyone!

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