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Re: Making Buddypress a Social Network for non-bloggers?



@daan77 and @Symm2112,

This solution might work, but it’s hackish. Using Gravity Forms (more beefed up than TDO), you could create a form that automatically shows up on a page automatically created and linked from a group page. This form allow whatever you want, including shortcode for video, user posts, etc.

When the user posts, you can select whether it goes to publish or to draft.

WP functions should allow you to hook into the group creation to create a page with a unique name attached to that group. Using WP functions, you should be able to create a link between an exisiting GF form and the newly-created group and it’s group page.

Doing everything else with the form is cake with GF.

This is not my ideal, but I’ll look into it.

Yesterday, I used GF to create form submissions that turned into store/party locations (custom postmeta) that are then geolocated by another plugin and put in a store locator by another plugin. I’ve been pretty impressed.

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