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Re: Making Buddypress a Social Network for non-bloggers?



@Symm2112. Just left the GF forums and it does need to be activated on each blog separately. They said they’d look into changing this, but not until after the merge (boy that merge is going to open some doors).

I’m looking to do a single blog install, so this solution still might work for me. I’ll have many groups, but one blog, therefore only one GF. Each group can still get it’s own category for posts (e.g. $blogcategory = “blog” . $blogid). I can display posts to that category only on that groups page (e.g. is(category)).

I can afford to be a bit patient and see how this all develops. I’m actually not even in the BP stage of development. Still kicking the tires on my XAMPP WPMU install and making sure my other core functionality (e.g. the mapping I mentioned above) is working before I even install BP (will wait for 1.2 and WPMU 2.9).

Given the theming issues, I’ll probably install Hybrid as a parent and ensure it’s working before I install BP. I’ll keep folks posted when I get to this. I’m just a planner by nature, so I’m trying to think things through – measure twice, cut once.

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