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Re: Making Buddypress a Social Network for non-bloggers?



I basically set up the WordPress Network now but I unchecked the option in super admin this said register and a blog and checked the mark that was for register only. I run and advocacy website for people with disabilities. I would like each person who wants to advocate for a disability issue to be able to create one. And of course others to be able to see. It would include a banner if they have one. To below do have links and to be able to add them without knowing the code. Just paste a link in. And then be able to do everything groups can. Maybe have the check box for each user to create a new regular group or new advocacy group. Or maybe I could this have just the group’s transformed into disability groups or something without having the choice.
Kind of like a group face page or frontpage. Instead of the group comments being on front this face page could be one large page.
Can anyone help me.

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