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Re: Making the “Profile” Tab Open When Viewing a Profile vs “Activity”

@TheAlchemist if you’re seeing php scripting outputed by the browser then you have possibly left out php tags wrapping the function? depends on how your functions.php is arranged but generally as it tends to contain various disparate functions and snippets of code including markup php tags tend to be opened and closed on a per item basis.
@pcwriter There appears to be a bit of confusion over two separate requirements here; this sniipet of code is quite old and I think was actually written by r-a-y and perhaps ought to have been duly attributed! the function always did work in functions.php quite happily and I’ve been running it since early last year so it’s been around a while, your original request was for the profile tab a component and the ticket you raised for the constant to be defined in functions.php which in theory and practice is impossible as constants are pre-defined set values and have to be set before BP loads thus they can only work in wp-config or bp-custom.

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