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Re: Manual BuddyPress Install Help



I got a white screen on every web page (including the dashboard) and had to delete the BP folder through the FTP just to get my website back. Is there some sort of error-checking method I should use to pinpoint the problem? I know that my host has some sort of PHP safety on, but I’m not sure about other restrictions. My WP install works fine, so I thought BP would be compatible as well.

Now I’ve already installed and used BP on a XAMPP test server and saw that it goes through an install process, even after uploading the folder. What I’m forced to do on my host is upload the folder, with no install available, and activate it through the plugins page. I thought that the missing step was what was causing the problem, but are you saying it should work automatically?

I read this before trying it out too, and my host enables everything (to my knowledge) but the Apache Module mod_rewrite.

Regardless, thank you for the quick reply.

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