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Re: Mark as spammer option



I am not following what you are saying at all..

I always go into wp-admin and click on users and then go through there to mark as spammers – I guess there is another way to do this with buddypress?

I would like a way to mark as spammers from the front page. I would also like a way to add email domains to the spam list at the same time, so the same email domain the spammer used to sign up with can’t be used again.. perhaps also pull the ip addy that they used and add that to a list that could be inserted into an htaccess deny list…

A better way to find them by username or screen name would be nice. When spammers hit my BP site, it shows up as blog spam in the recent wire or whatever it’s called, listed as posted by “danielle jones” – but when I go into wp-admin backend / users and search for danielle, it comes up with nothing – that sucks – so I have to go back to my site’ home page, and hover over the spammers name to see what the url is, and then search for the member signup name that way – bleh

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