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Re: Member directory browsing issue.



I got the same issue with an upgrade to WPMU2.8.4a and BP1.0.3. Have two issues one is the one mentioned above by Arezki

Hi all: I noticed that the listing of members using the alphabetical feature is not working. When you go to: and try any letter like F or S for Francis Stevenson, you get the link: but the page stays at /members directory. Any thought?

and the other is that is gives me the ‘ol:

No members found. Members must fill in at least one piece of profile data to show in member lists.

error that othe threads have brought up.

I upgraded to bp1.0.3 to get rid of the second issue per Andy’s instructions in a previous thread, but that didn’t help.

the groups and blogs alpha directory work just as advertised but not the member alpha directory. yes, people have entered info into profile fields. the member search function works fine.

Anyone got an idea about this? Could it be something with the different types of name fields?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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