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Re: Member related widgets are freaking out

Still failing, but there are some silver linings.

I removed the Google Analytics; same results. Then I remembered that I removed the members widget JavaScript file because of a weird bug I was getting: when one clicked on “newest”, *every* member loaded in the page. For even moderate member rosters this can kill a browser. I’ve re-activated that Javascript. The two “blank” members are still there, but, funny thing: now if you click on any of the sort links (eg “newest” “active” “popular”) the proper members are displayed. The silver lining is that I am no longer seeing that first bug where all members were loaded in the page.

Narrowing the problem: I see that the $users array has 0 members. What could cause that? This line isn’t getting the users it should:

<?php $users = BP_Core_User::get_active_users($options) ?>

I checked, and $options is returning a number (in my case ‘5’).

Damn! I wish my PHP skills were above novice.

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