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Re: Member Theme: Remove 'Me' and 'My Profile' Columns?

Jeff Sayre


How will your members gain access to their profile data–for editing–or their friends, groups, and messages, etcetera, if you remove the userbar?

I do not recommend this, unless you are planning to provide an alternate way for your members to access this data.

But, what you need to do to remove the “Me” column in the default BuddyPress member theme, is modify the userbar.php in your template file. To remove the “My Profile” column, you basically have to remove the xprofile navigation menu item that xprofile_setup_nav() invokes. The best way to do that is by creating a function in your bp-custom.php file that then invokes a remove_action() for the appropriate do_actions of that function.

Of course, if you remove the “Me” column it will automatically solve your issue of having the “My Profile” column being displayed. You will then have to come up with your own solution to just show the profile data for that given member. It can be done, but what you are asking removes so much access to BuddyPress functionality that I suggest you reconsider.

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