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Re: member theme “trunk-r640”

Burt Adsit


Ya, that’s almost what I did at first just to get things running. It was driving me nuts though. Should work, didn’t work. Now it does work with the patch. Just a regex change. I haven’t worn my regex hat for years.

Thinking in ‘regex’ is a strange thing. Leaves me goofier than usual for days afterward.

The more I stare at a little 12 character formula for the regex engine, that mutates the natural laws of the known universe, the closer I am to understanding what it is actually doing, instead of what I think it is doing, the farther from reality I get.

When I finally do understand what it is doing, I have a slight headache and I need a nap.

The person who wrote the original regex engine was obviously not human. Aliens walk amongst us.

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