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Re: member theme “trunk-r640”

Burt Adsit


The difference between the member theme and the home theme css is that the member theme uses a a main style.css file that is composed of nothing except this:

@import url(css/loader.php);

loader.php determines what bp components are installed and then sends those to the browser. My live install of bp is running wpmu 2.6.2 and my dev server is running a fresh install of wpmu 2.7 from trunk.

Both the live and dev installs are basically the same. They both have the stub style.css sheet that runs loader.php for the actual css for installed components.

The only difference is the one that works is running wpmu 2.6.2, the one that doesn’t is running 2.7 trunk

What’s different on your installs from then to now?

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