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Re: Members cant register using BP Registration Form

Beck B


I had two users apparently never get the activation email. (One is me, so I know it didn’t go through, but the other attempt belongs to someone I don’t know. They MIGHT have simply never opened the email.) My first attempt used a hotmail ( address. The other person’s is a personal domain.

I thought I was having a problem with ALL activation emails, but when I tried a new user registration with a gmail address, it worked. I suppose I should test new user creation with some more email addresses and providers.

In any case, if you don’t have tons & tons of new users, one thing you can do while “we” figure this out is to check the Users list under the WordPress settings (from wp-admin), as even unactivated users will show up there. Then visit any problem user in buddypress by manually typing in the address for their profile page (you know, something like Then in the admin bar, you’ll find an option along the lines of “Admin Options->Mark user as not a spammer”. That’s probably not the exact text.

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