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Re: Members directory shows blank profile

Jeff Sayre


Okay, a few questions to start:

  • From your description, it is not clear how you’ve attempted to debug your setup. When trying to figure out an issue with BuddyPress, it is best to distill your environment down to the lowest common denominator. This means switching to the default BP theme and deactivating all plugins except BP. It is not clear if you did this completely or just partially. In other words, you need to fully test your BP install without any 3rd-party addons. If it works in that state, then you can safely assume it is an issue with a custom theme, another plugin, or both. So, did you reset BP to its lowest common denominator?
  • What errors are you seeing in your server’s log files?
  • Could you please provide details about this setup:

    I have Buddypress installed in a subfolder with another wordpress installation in the root…

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