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Re: /members/ going to blank pages

Burt Adsit


The condition you describe is a common one for programmers and other geeky type tech people. We are so self-centered that what we do is *always* right and it never occurs to us that no, the source of the problem might be me.

“Can’t be *my* code…”

Then there is my favorite way of dealing with problems. Stare at them until they go away. Hasn’t worked yet but I have high hopes for that one.

What should also be included in this list of ways *not* to solve problems is devloping a raging case of code blindness. The primary symptom is ignoring the obvious. When I was working as a corporate programmer weasel I’d stare at the same piece of code for days and not see the problem it was causing. A co-worker would hear the quiet sobbing in my cubicle and come over to console me and just glance at the code and point out the error of my ways. Smirking and gloating he walks away with a new swing in his stride.

Ya look so stupid until he develops it next week. What goes around comes around. Smirking and gloating I walk away with a new swing in my stride. :)

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