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Re: Members only

@r-a-y is there any method of testing whether the page concerned is a root component, that is the page lives in the root directory e.g

reason for asking is as the plugin stands anonymous users only ever see a login page, that can tend to put people off? they may base their decision to join based on what they see going on on the site to that end my preferred approach (or at least a further angle to take in restricting access) is to allow visual access to all top level pages but not deeper into the site.

I had thought that one could check on whether a page is a root component but can’t track that down, I can take various steps to getting closer to this by adding bp_is_front_page() to the :
if (bp_is_register_page() || bp_is_activation_page() || bp_is_front_page() ) and could add is_page(‘wp page’) for blog created pages – although oddly a page created to act as the blog page while setting front page to say ‘activity stream’ doesn’t appear to work??

Also of course one can add directory paths to the exclusion array:

$this->exclusions = array(

But that isn’t best approach as it fails if one changes themes and child themes override bp-default so one can’t set that if suing child themes.

Overall and ideally a check to see if the page/directory/componant lived at root level would seem the best approach.

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