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Re: Members only



Thanks, I did install that and there is a load of info there. Maybe ill work on that and see how it is.

This plug-in works great, however it sends users to the backend login form and not the register page. Can’t figure out how to redirect to register page.

class RegisteredUsersOnly {
var $exclusions = array();
// Class initialization
function RegisteredUsersOnly ()
// Register our hooks
add_action( ‘wp’, array(&$this, ‘MaybeRedirect’) );
add_action( ‘init’, array(&$this, ‘LoginFormMessage’) );
add_action( ‘login_head’, array(&$this, ‘NoIndex’), 1 );


// Depending on conditions, run an authentication check
function MaybeRedirect() {
global $bp;
// If the user is logged in, then abort
if ( current_user_can(‘read’) ) return;

if ($bp&&($bp->current_component == BP_REGISTER_SLUG ))//buddypress
$this->exclusions = array(
‘wp-cron.php’ // Just incase
// If the current script name is in the exclusion list, abort
if ( in_array( basename($_SERVER), apply_filters( ‘registered-users-only_exclusions’, $this->exclusions) ) ) return;

// Still here? Okay, then redirect to the login form

// Use some deprecate code (yeah, I know) to insert a “You must login” error message to the login form
// If this breaks in the future, oh well, it’s just a pretty message for users
function LoginFormMessage() {
// Don’t show the error message if anything else is going on (registration, etc.)
if ( ‘wp-login.php’ != basename($_SERVER) || !empty($_POST) || ( !empty($_GET) && empty($_GET) ) ) return;

global $error;
$error = __( ‘Only registered users can watch this site. Please register or login.’, ‘registered-users-only’ );

// Tell bots to go away (they shouldn’t index the login form)
function NoIndex() {
echo ” n”;


// Start this plugin once all other plugins are fully loaded
add_action( ‘plugins_loaded’, create_function( ”, ‘global $RegisteredUsersOnly; $RegisteredUsersOnly = new RegisteredUsersOnly();’ ) );

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