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Re: Message Globals problem – preventing welcome message from sending



Wow thanks…I will try as soon as I get back to the local computer hosting my test dev. What seems to be happening (in short) is that becuase my users use facebook to login/register…it never goes through the “activation” email scenario….and becuase it registers a new user (and activates them) BEFORE those messages_global are set – the send message function fails.

I tried reording the load_plugin order of the core and the message globals so that they would boot before, but once I did that it screwed up other things (like the order they need to be in to boot through the various functions in buddypress) I reverted, and have sense been trying to figure out how to maybe Trigger the “activation” silently in the registration process so that the email verification is not necissary.

I will try the new plugin and report back

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