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Re: Message Globals problem – preventing welcome message from sending



Hey DJ Paul

I noticed that you added bp_core_account_activated hook which should work in most cases, but like I said (in my particular case) I skip over the activation via the buddypress fbconnect plugin. It inserts the user directly.

Maybe there is a way for me to call that activation once the facebook user is authenticated? Do you know of a way to trigger that whole authorization process without actually making the user click on an email?

That way it basicaly works like this

1. User registers with Facebook conenct button

2. Facebook sends back userinfo (via the api) – thats working currently

(and here is where I am fuzzy)

3. Take the fb information and trigger the account activation “automatically” …effectively bypassing the need for a “key”


Is there another hook I can grab onto somewhere in the process beyond bp_core_account_activated that would work only on INITIAL Registration…but still after all globals are loaded (to ensure the messaging will work)

Any ideas?

Thanks again for the help!

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