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Re: Messages not being sent on SPOTS KENYA



ok well after a long day and implimenting teh new rc 02 my direct messages option is still faulty..

after allot of testing with burtadsit he found that its probably a sesions issue and to do with the fact that i have so many test accounts and constantly going in and out of all of them is confusing bp…

we tested exactely the same account and he could send messages from it… BUT when i tried it jidnt work just returned to the compose page…

what is good is that i think most users will be able to email if they dont have multiple accounts but i need to test this.. BUT i cant email any one back…

here are some key comments by burtadsit can any one else think what it may be…

burtadsit: i\’m still thinking it\’s a session problem. same user, same browser, same session then problem

burtadsit: either session cookies in the browser, or sessions in linux

burtadsit: it goes by user and browser. i think. the session \’key\’ is composed of a unique combo of things for that user login. same user, same browser, same session and failure along the way

has any one else got any thoughts..

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