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Re: Migrating users from WordPress to BuddyPress

Tim Nicholson


r-a-y, I definitely understand that these days people like to consider older posts and forum threads dead after a short period of time. Some user just like to jump on old stuff without finding the answers in newer threads. However, when there is a dearth of information about a particular topic and people are trying to properly research before posting and all that comes up is old threads, I’m of the opinion that they should be resurrected. Why start a new post asking the same questions and diverging the threads? I’m actively searching for information about this and scrounging through PHP code and websites for answers. I’ve uncovered some good information that I’m trying to share, but am still looking for more answers. If I run a search and it returns all these “dead” threads and no new threads, the masses are going to as well.

Plus, I just replied to other threads offering to help with questions you’ve asked here months ago to which I see no answers. If you’ve figured all this out, why not update those original threads with the answers for newer folks trying to figure things out? If you haven’t figured everything out, then why not be happy that the threads are going active again and information is being shared?

Please don’t take this the wrong way, I just don’t understand why some forums seem to be filled with people complaining about “old” threads being responded to and others appreciate it. And why don’t the forums that are dead-set against replying to old threads, simply close out the old ones?

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