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Re: – Social Network for Change!

Nick Watson


Thanks for the support! To answer your question Mob Power generates money for charity through the advertising on the site. Rather than the funds advertisers pay going into the pockets of shareholders ALL funds go to charities each member gets to choose. We think that’s a more appropriate use of the value generated through social networking, after all it is the users who create most of the value through their time, attention, and interactions.

Each member profile allows users to choose ”My Causes”, these are the charities that will receive your portion of the total money raised on the site. Each month ALL the money raised by Mob Power through advertising is split up between the charities members have selected, a completely democratic means of allocating the resources.

This entire process is overseen by the Mob Power Foundation comprised of a Board of Directors of Public Figures whose governance will ensure full transparency and accountability.

Mob Power doesn’t take a single cent of the money raised through advertising to cover expenses like most ”social businesses” simply because Mob Power exists to help solve humanities greatest problems and not create jobs for anyone. So far it has been completely funded by believers in the idea.

However, Members can select Mob Power as one of their ”Causes” if they want Mob Power to continue operating. All funds allocated this way will only be used to cover operating costs, with any excess going back to the charities. This way all Power is in the hands of Members. Now that’s Mob Power.

More information about this and related topics is available in the About section at

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