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Re: Modifying default widgets

Burt Adsit


The IDE approach helps alot with the ‘where is *that* thing’. Quick access to project files. Code completion. yada, yada.. Nothing that I can’t live without really. I’m just starting to try out debugging php web apps. I miss that kinda thing. Breakpoints, var inspection.

I’ve tried Aptana PHP 1.0, NuSoft PhpED and now NetBeans. Aptana is plain broke in PHP 1.0 now. PhpED is good but costs. NetBeans seems good. They all have little differences that I got used to from one product to another. Somethings are easy and some are kinda buried somewhere.

I really like hooking the IDE up to FTP and fixing something locally and just telling the IDE to upload the files I’m editing to the server. Cool.

IDEs are certainly not necessary but helpful.

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